Di, A Kiwi in Genova

met Di today, a talented photographer (check her site) who left New Zealand a while ago to live first in Istanbul then now in Anversa. Apart from a number of exhibitions where her shots are framed and shown, she’s offering interesting workshops around the world exclusively for women, and the feedback on her site confirms her success!

She is, like me, deeply in love with the beauty of Genova, and its Città Vecchia. We’ve been in touch via email for some time and I was really looking forward to this face-to-face, lens-to-lens: two different people, a real pro (her) and a passionate amateur (me) spending lunchtime talking about a city like Genova, its history, its art, but mostly its beautiful people.

Time for tagliolini al pestoravioli al tocco. Time for cima with insalata russa and arrosto con purea. Time for a glass of red wine, Nebbiolo. Time to share how we approach photography, time to say how we speak languages, time for our backgrounds, our wishes, our mutual appreciation. Time to dream. Time to say that we trust life is a beautiful gift that we need to enjoy every single minute.

Different gears, same passion. Different background, same love. Different language, same feelings.

Thanks Di, I had a great time!

di m

5 commenti

  1. Thanks, Mau. I had the loveliest time too. You write that you are an ‘amateur’ but I say photographer. Your work is superb! Your people skills too. I’ve been admiring your photographs since I saw the ones you took of Francesca and Norma at Le Gramole. It was good watching you at work today, it confirmed all I suspected. And thanks for the introductions to everyone. Much appreciated 🙂

  2. That’s it. I’m coming to Genova. This photo captures Di so well…

    1. Thanks, enjoy Genova!

  3. Sono appena tornato dalla Nuova Zelanda e, come mi avevi detto, ho visto cose bellissime (da fotografare, ma io non sono capace). Mi ha poi sorpreso la qualitá della cucina (e qui credo di poter competere anche con te). Se una Kiwi va a Genova a fare foto e mangiare tagliolini mi sa che devo passarci qualche giorno anch’io.

    1. bentornato, bro! Io invece sono seduto alla tua scrivania … ci si sente sotto Natale, che torno in Italia!


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